The B.A./M.A. Program in Teacher Education

Students who are accepted into the BA/MA Program in Teacher Education combined degree programs may take graduate courses while they are still completing their undergraduate course load. The requirements for the BA/MA TEP degree are the same as for the BA and MA-TEP degrees taken separately. The BA/MA-TEP degree has certain advantages for students who want to move through the program quickly. However, it should be noted that BA/MA-TEP students do not receive their undergraduate degree until they complete the BA/MA-TEP program, so the BA/MA-TEP program is not advised for students who cannot attend full time or who tend to take incompletes.

Students are admitted to this program only after they have completed at least 60 credits of college work, including at least 29 credits in music (three semesters of music history, four semesters of music theory, and four semesters of musicianship). At least 12 credits (including six in music) must have been taken at Hunter College, and students must have a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 3.5 with no grade of less than B in any music course. They must have passed the Music Department’s piano proficiency examination and an audition-interview demonstrating reasonable mastery of an instrument or voice. In addition, they must either have passed the L.A.S.T. (Liberal Arts and Sciences Test) or fulfilled the following requirements of the School of Education:

  • Completion of developmental courses
  • Grade of B- or better in ENGL 120 or a 200-level English course
  • Application, on-site essay, and interview with the School of Education
  • Proof of negative result on TB test
  • Maximum of 6 credits taken with CR/NC grades, or else calculation of those grades as C/F for computation of grade-point average.

Admission requires the consent of both the Music Department and the School of Education. For further information on M.A. requirements, click here.

Once again, Admission to the BA/MA-TEP program is open only to students who are currently undergraduate students at Hunter College! Students who are interested in applying to the BA/MA-TEP program should consult the current Hunter College Graduate Catalogue and also contact the Music Department Graduate Adviser, Prof. Poundie Burstein.