Registering for Music Classes

To register for music classes, you must contact the Music Department Graduate Adviser, Prof. Poundie Burstein, to get permission to take the classes you want. If you want to take a class offered by another department, you must contact the adviser in that department for permission. For instance, Ethnomusicology students who want to take Ethnology must get permission for that class from the Graduate Adviser in the Anthropology Department, and TEP students who take classes offered by the School of Education must get permission for those classes from the Graduate Adviser in the School of Education.

After the adviser inputs permission, you then must register for the classes online at the appointed time. Details on how to register may be found at

It is important to register as early as possible and to pay your bill on time. If you do not pay your bill on time, your registration will be canceled and it will be as if you never registered for the classes. If too many students register late, classes might be canceled due to lack of interest, or the student risks getting closed out of a class that is filled to capacity. On many occasions, students who have tried to register at the last moment find themselves out of luck. Furthermore, students who register at the last moment will not be considered for any Music Department scholarships. So again, make sure that you register and pay your tuition bill in a timely fashion.