Undergraduate Admissions

Procedures for Undergraduate Admissions in Music

Admission to all music major programs requires prior admission to Hunter College. Information about admission to the College may be obtained from the Welcome Center in Room 100 HN or by writing to Office of Admissions, Hunter College, 695 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065.

You can begin the online application process by going to Hunter’s Undergraduate Admissions page and choosing your student status (Freshmen, Transfer, Non-degree to Degree, Second Degree, etc.) from the navigation on the left.

Required Exams

Students must take three examinations before declaring a music major:

  1. Music notation, rudimentary theory, and basic aural & keyboard skills. This examination is prerequisite to MUSTH 220 (Music Theory 1). Students who do not pass it must take MUSTH 101 (Music Theory Fundamentals) or learn the material on their own, then repeat the examination.
  2. Elementary music history and literature. This examination is prerequisite to MUSHL 205 (Music History 1). Students who do not pass it must take MUSHL 101 (Introduction to Music) or learn the material on their own, then repeat the examination.
  3. Performance audition on an instrument or voice. This examination is prerequisite to MUSPF 401 (Private Instruction in Instrument or Voice). Students whose performance skills fall below New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) level 2, equivalent to about one year of study, must take MUSPF 211-212 (Voice 1-2), MUSPF 213-214 (Piano 1-2), or private lessons at their own expense (without credit), then repeat the examination.

Prospective majors should consult the Music Department's Undergraduate Adviser as soon as possible to discuss these examinations and any prerequisite courses they may need before beginning the major. For a detailed description of the content of the entrance exams or to select an exam date, click on the menu items below:

All students who enter a Hunter music program with previous college credit in music theory, ear training, music history, or ethnomusicology must take a placement examination before beginning their course work. For more information on placement exams, contact the Undergraduate Music Adviser.

The 60-credit B.Mus. Program

Admission to this program is conditional on passing an audition demonstrating a high level of skill in performance. Students interested in this program should normally audition before entering the College. If they are unable to do so, they may begin as 42-credit majors and transfer to the 60-credit program if they pass the audition the following semester. For a schedule of audition dates or to select an audition date, click on the menu items below:

The 42-credit and 25-credit B.A. Programs

These programs are open to all students who have passed the examinations described in "The 60-credit B.Mus. Program."

The B.A./M.A. Program in Teacher Education

Students are admitted to this program only after they have completed at least 60 credits of college work, including at least 29 credits in music (three semesters of music history, four semesters of music theory, and four semesters of musicianship). At least 12 credits (including six in music) must have been taken at Hunter College, and students must have a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 3.5 with no grade of less than B in any music course. They must have passed the Music Department's piano proficiency examination and an audition-interview demonstrating reasonable mastery of an instrument or voice. In addition, they must either have passed the L.A.S.T. (Liberal Arts and Sciences Test) or fulfilled the following requirements of the School of Education:

  • Completion of developmental courses
  • Grade of B- or better in ENGL 120 or a 200-level English course
  • Application, on-site essay, and interview with the School of Education
  • Proof of negative result on TB test
  • Maximum of 6 credits taken with CR/NC grades, or else calculation of those grades as C/F for computation of grade-point average.

Admission requires the consent of both the Music Department and the School of Education. For further information on M.A. requirements, click here.

Admission Without Matriculation

Students wishing to take courses without being enrolled in a degree program may register on a non-degree basis. All credits earned on this basis may be applied to a degree if the student subsequently transfers into a degree program.