Prospective Transfer Students

1. Music Programs at Hunter:
Familiarize yourself with the Undergraduate Degree Programs and Requirements. After reading the information on Undergraduate Degree Programs and Requirements, some of your additional questions – particularly with regard to transferring credits – might be answered by reading the Undergraduate FAQs.

(Please note: We no longer offer an undergraduate concentration in music education at Hunter. Prospective music educators would first complete our BA degree with a 42-credit major in music, and then go on to apply for the MA program in music education, which leads to New York State certification.)

2. Submitting an Application for Admission:
Read the Admission Requirements for the Undergraduate Degree Programs in Music. Be sure to follow the instructions for submitting an application for admission as explained in the first paragraph of Admission Requirements. Observe the application deadlines that are clearly posted on the website of the Office of Admissions

3. Placement Exams:
You must also take placement exams in order to transfer credit in music history, music theory, or musicianship toward the music major. Performance credits are normally transferred without examination. All credits earned at other schools count automatically as electives, but credits may be used toward the major only if the student places out of Hunter’s requirements by examination. You will find detailed information on this whole process, including exam contents, sample exams and an online form to request an exam and audition date in the Required Exams section of the Undergraduate Admissions page. Don’t forget to submit the Audition and Entrance Exam Registration Form and use the Comment Box to indicate that you are a transfer student requesting placement exams. On the day of the exam and audition, you will also have an opportunity to speak with an adviser in music.

4. Financial Aid:
For information on undergraduate financial aid, please click here.