Information for students who did not major in music as undergraduates, second-degree undergraduates or non-degree students

It is possible for students who have an undergraduate degree in a subject other than music to apply to our M.A. program. However, before being accepted, such students will need at least 29 official college credits in music, including at least (1) three semesters of music history; (2) four semesters of music theory; and (3) four semesters of musicianship (sight singing, ear training, and keyboard studies).

Students lacking these prerequisites may apply as second-degree undergraduate students. Such students who are accepted as second-degree undergraduates may thereby take the required courses mentioned above in order to prepare for our M.A. program. Second-degree undergraduate students do not have to complete the entire undergraduate program, but rather need only take those classes in which they are deficient in order to subsequently apply for the M.A.

Note that officially enrolled second-degree undergraduate students might possibly get credit by examination for certain of the required courses. Also, in certain cases students who are missing only one or two of the required undergraduate courses may be accepted into the M.A. program with the condition that they subsequently complete these courses.

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Students who need to take only a few undergraduate courses in order to make up the requirements listed above may also apply as non-degree students. Non-degree students may register for a maximum of one semester and may take up to 9 credits in the Music Department. Graduate courses taken by a non-degree student (for which the student receives a grade of B or better) may upon approval be applied towards the M.A. degree if the student subsequently applies and is accepted as a matriculated student. Students who are not accepted as fully matriculated after 9 credits of non-degree status cannot continue their studies at Hunter College.

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