Full-Time Faculty

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<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/victor-v-bobetsky/" > Victor V. Bobetsky</a>

Victor V. Bobetsky

(DMA, University of Miami School of Music) - music education

Email: victor.bobetsky@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 400c Hunter North
Phone: 212-650-3574

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/geoffrey-burleson/" >Geoffrey Burleson</a>

Geoffrey Burleson

(DMA, Stony Brook University) piano, chamber music, music literature

Email: geoffrey.burleson@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 400h Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-4023

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/l-poundie-burstein/" >L. Poundie Burstein</a>

L. Poundie Burstein

(Ph.D., City University of New York) - music theory

Email: poundie.burstein@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 400d Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-5152

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/michele-cabrini/" >Michele Cabrini</a>

Michele Cabrini

(Ph.D., Princeton University) - music history and literature

Email: mcabrini@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 400i
Phone: 212-772-5531

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/catherine-coppola/" >Catherine Coppola</a>

Catherine Coppola

(Ph.D., City University of New York) - music history and literature

Email: ccoppola@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 400g Hunter North
Phone: 212-650-3784

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/philip-ewell/" >Philip Ewell</a> (on sabbatical 2017-18)

Philip Ewell (on sabbatical 2017-18)

(Ph.D., Yale University) - music theory

Email: pewell@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 527 Hunter North
Phone: 212-396-6253

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/suzanne-farrin/" >Suzanne Farrin</a>

Suzanne Farrin

(DMA, Yale University) - composition

Email: sf1357@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 417 Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-5026

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/david-fulmer/">David Fulmer</a>

David Fulmer

Substitute Assistant Professor in Conducting and Violin

Email: df1209@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 527 Hunter North
Phone: 212-396-6253

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/susan-gonzalez/" >Susan Gonzalez</a>

Susan Gonzalez

(DMA, Eastman School of Music) - voice, music theater/opera, music literature

Email: sugonzal@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 415 Hunter North
Phone: 212-650-3566

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/barbara-hampton/" >Barbara L. Hampton</a>

Barbara L. Hampton

(M. Phil. and Ph.D. Columbia University) - ethnomusicology

Email: bhampton@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 400f Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-5153

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/ryan-keberle/" >Ryan Keberle</a> (on sabbatical 2017-18)

Ryan Keberle (on sabbatical 2017-18)

(Artist Diploma, Juilliard) - jazz studies

Email: rkeberle@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 635e Hunter North
Phone: 212-396-6256

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/joao-luiz/">João Luiz</a>

João Luiz

(DMA, Manhattan School of Music) - chamber music director and guitar

Email: jr3222@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 400i Hunter North
Phone: 212-396-6254

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/shafer-mahoney/" >Shafer Mahoney</a>

Shafer Mahoney

(Ph.D., Eastman School of Music) - composition and music theory

Email: smahoney@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 401a Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-5150

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/paul-f-mueller/" >Paul F. Mueller</a>

Paul F. Mueller

(DMA, Indiana University) - college choir, chambers singers, music literature

Email: paul.mueller@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 400a Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-5537

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/mark-spicer/" >Mark Spicer</a>

Mark Spicer

(Ph.D., Yale University) - Professor of Music and Acting Chair, 2017–18

Email: mark.spicer@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 400b Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-5024

<a href="http://music.hunter.cuny.edu/faculty/full-time-faculty/jewel-thompson/" >Jewel T. Thompson</a>

Jewel T. Thompson

(Ph.D., Eastman School of Music) - music theory, musicianship

Email: jewel.thompson@hunter.cuny.edu
Office: Room 400e Hunter North
Phone: 212-650-3608