The Music Department facilities are located on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors of the North Building. These facilities include:

The Ida K. Lang Recital Hall
The Ida K. Lang Recital Hall, a 144-seat architectural gem designed by the firm of Abramowitz Kingsland Schiff, is a jewel in the heart of New York City. Well over 60 concerts are held there every year. The New York Times has described the hall’s acoustics as “superb: warm, close, and discreetly resonant.”

The Brecher Rehearsal Hall
The Brecher Rehearsal Hall is the Music Department’s largest vocal, instrumental and organ rehearsal space. It is equipped with a pipe organ for student practice, playback and recording equipment, moveable risers, seating for 100, and adjustable acoustic curtains. The Brecher Rehearsal Hall often doubles as a secondary recital hall for Music Department events.

Teaching Studios
Instrumental and vocal lessons are taught in teaching studios on the 4th floor of Hunter North. Equipped with Steinway grand pianos, music stands, and a library of chamber music and vocal literature, these studios are used for individual lessons, duo-piano coachings, or small chamber music ensemble rehearsals.

Practice Rooms
The Music Department has individual practice rooms, as well as a percussion studio and a chamber music rehearsal studio. Practice rooms are equipped with grand or upright pianos and music majors may use the practice rooms on a daily basis by signing up for a time slot at the beginning of the semester in the department office.

Computer and Keyboard Laboratory
The computer and keyboard laboratory has 24 stations each including a digital keyboard, computer, and midi interface coordinated by an instructor’s control panel. Each computer is loaded with notation software, sequencing software, and ear training software. This lab is used primarily for piano, music theory, and ear training classes. Classes in Music Technology and Computer Music are also taught in the computer and keyboard laboratory. The lab is open between class sessions for student use.

Ethnomusicology Lab and Sound Studio
The ethnomusicology lab and sound studio is a small lab which supports ethnomusicology classes in Transcription and Analysis. It has microphones, 2 computers with interfaces, as well as sequencing/notation software. The lab is primarily used for editing, transcribing, and refining sessions in ethnomusicology fieldwork. The lab is also used for small digital recording projects.