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Please read all of the information that follows before submitting the Undergraduate Audition and Entrance Exam Registration Form.


All prospective music majors must take an entrance exam, including students who wish to take advanced music major courses as an elective or as part of the music minor. The exam consists of three parts detailed in Entrance Exam Contents (PDF):

All prospective music minors or non-majors who wish to take advanced music major courses in only one of these areas may take the section of the entrance examination in that area only.

PLEASE NOTE: Music minors who wish to take private lessons for credit must pass both the performance and music theory portions of the entrance examination.

Students with little or no prior training in music must take pre-major courses before taking the exam. Click here to download more information for prospective majors (PDF).

Students who have taken music major courses at another school will be given advanced tests to determine their placement in the Hunter music major. For advanced placement exams, contact the Undergraduate Music Adviser directly.



The performance evaluation (audition) for B.A. Music Majors (42- and 25-credit major) and Music Minors, includes playing or singing one piece of the student’s choice (any style) for an examiner. Keyboard and aural (sight-singing and ear training) skills are also tested as part of the performance evaluation. The performance evaluation will follow the written exams. Click here for descriptions of music major programs.

Students applying to the B.Mus. Program (60-credit major) must schedule an audition in addition to the entrance exam. Note that the B.Mus. is limited to classical and jazz performers who are already at an advanced level. The B.Mus. audition and entrance exam should be scheduled for the same day. Again, keyboard and aural (sight-singing and ear training) skills are tested as part of the audition. For information on the B.Mus. audition, click here.

Students auditioning for the B.A./M.A. (limited to current Hunter students only) should submit the M.A. Audition Registration Form. For more information on B.A./M.A. eligibility, click here.

For descriptions of all music major programs, go to Degrees and Programs.


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NOTE: If you would like to audition for the 60-credit B.Mus. program at Hunter, but find it impossible or extremely difficult to travel to New York City for an audition, please contact Prof. Geoffrey Burleson, Director of Performance Studies, to discuss alternative options. CAUTION: All students interested in the 42-credit B.A. program, 25-credit B.A. program or Music Minor must take exams and performance evaluations in person).