We in the Music Department at Hunter College, C.U.N.Y. prepare our majors for a life-long relationship with music that respects the depth and diversity of its expressive power and cultural impact. We train thoughtful citizens to enter society with a keen awareness that music is a lens through which we can better understand our past and ourselves.

We are located in one of the major world centers of music making, our faculty is top-notch, and we are housed within the vibrant intellectual community at Hunter College. At Hunter there is no need to sacrifice: you can reach for the highest standards of both academic and artistic excellence while pursuing your degree.

There are approximately 150 undergraduate music majors (B.Mus. and B.A.) and 80 M.A. students (in Composition, Ethnomusicology, Music History, Music Theory, Performance, and Music Education, via Hunter’s Teacher Education Program) in the department. Classes for majors rarely include more than twenty students, and much individual attention is given to each student in the classroom.  In addition to academic courses and private lessons, the Music Department presents numerous events each semester, including concerts, guest lectures, master classes, and festivals on different themes.

The Hunter College motto is Mihi cura futuri, “the care of the future is mine.” We believe the future is in the hands of our talented students and hope that you will consider joining us as we strive to create a more empathetic world through music.